Work plan and methodology

The E2mC methodology is based on three major sets of activities:


The deep understanding of the state of the art of crowdsourcing and social media is necessary in order to effectively identify their benefit in crisis management; the most critical aspects such as crowd building and crowd motivation, data credibility and validity, privacy issues will be analyzed and approaches to solutions identified; the gap analysis EMS Copernicus that can be filled by the Copernicus Witness will be consolidated and continuously updated thanks to the close intimacy of the Team with the EMS operational services.


Design and development of the innovative S&C platform are the core tasks; intimate part of this action is the design of Use Cases well linked to the operational workflows of the Copernicus EMS services and, more in general, emergency management operation. The prototype of the platform will be tested and validated within a set of user driven Demonstration Scenarios, during the two loops of design, development and demonstration. An AGILE methodology will ensure that the progressive achievements will be properly demonstrated and kept consistent with the project objectives.



Integration issues within the operational Copernicus EMS will be faced, taking into account a variety of factors – governance of the new service component, protection of personal data, sensitivity of information, content mitigation for open access availability, etc.

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