Success of the E2mC Workshop in Salzburg


Evolution of Copernicus EMS service – Success of the E2mC Workshop in Salzburg

In the first hours of a disaser, up-to-date information about the area of interest is crucial for effective disaster management. However, due to the delay induced by collecting and analysing satellite imagery, disaster management systems like the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMS) are currently not able to provide information products until up to 48–72 h after a disaster event has occurred. While satellite imagery is still a valuable source for disaster management, information products can be improved through complementing them with user-generated data like social media posts or crowdsourced data. The advantage of these new kinds of data is that they are continuously produced in a timely fashion and could provide very rapidly additional useful maps for crisis managers. Today the handling of social media or crowdsourced data is fully manual.  

 The research project Evolution of Emergency Copernicus services (E2mC) aims to integrate these novel data into a new EMS service component called Copernicus WITNESS. Like this, the timeliness and accuracy of geospatial information products provided to civil protection authorities can be improved through leveraging user-generated data. E2mC aims to provide the tools to make the collection of social media and crowdsourced data for satellite mapping an automated process.

The promising results of the H2020 E2mC project were presented in the course a workshop, collocated to the GI-Forum in Salzburg on 3 July. The workshop was divided in two parts. A special session on “participatory disaster management - Fusing Remote Sensing Data with User-Generated Geo-Data” composed of three academic presentations (two by E2mC consortium partners) as well as an introduction to the E2mC project by Domenico Grandoni (EGEOS – project coordinator). The second part was a hands-on session featuring a demo of the Copernicus WITNESS component.

The next E2mC workshop presenting and demonstrating the Final Copernicus WITNESS component will be held in Bled, Slovenia on 11 December 2018, and will be collocated with the 19th PSCE Conference. More info about the workshop will be available on the website shortly.


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