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2. February 2018

Save the date - GI Forum 2018 03/07/18 in Salzburg with a special session supported by E2mC

The GI Forum 2018 will take place in Salzburg on 3-6 July 2018 and will feature a special session supported by E2mC: "Participatory Disaster Management – Fusing Remote Sensing Data with 
User-generated Geo-data".

The GI_Forum

The GI_Forum provides a platform for dialogue among geospatial minds, creating an informed GeoInformation Society, hoping to contribute to a more just, ethical and sustainable society. Prominent keynote speakers will highlight new developments, offer visionary insights into trends and developments, and at the same time be individually accessible for our Young Researchers.

Context of the special session

In the first hours of a disaster, up-to-date information is crucial for effective disaster management. However, due to the delay induced by collecting and analysing satellite imagery, disaster management systems like the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMS) are currently not able to provide information products until up to 48–72 h after a disaster event has occurred. While satellite imagery is still a valuable source for disaster management, information products can be improved through complementing them with user-generated data like social media posts or crowdsourced data. The advantage of these new kinds of data is that they are continuously produced in a timely fashion because users actively participate throughout an event and share related information. This session invites contributions that analyse spatial information for use in disaster management with a particular focus on leveraging user-generated data and methods for combining them with established remote sensing based approaches.

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