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29. November 2018

Presentation of E2mC at COWM2018

On November 28th, the E2mC project was presented at the second international conference on Citizen Observatories for Natural Hazards and Water Management (COWM2018) in a dedicated session titled "The E2mC Project: pre-operational results combining Social Media and Crowdsourcing for Rapid Mapping"

COWM2018 focused on the potential of Citizen Science in the European (and beyond) innovation landscape, and in particular in the fields of Environmental Monitoring, Natural Risks management, Land use monitoring and management. The Conference investigated the role and opportunities for active citizen participation in policy making and the new technologies, methods and advanced modelling to support Citizen Observatories.

The Conference was the stage for all the ongoing citizen science and crowdsourcing initiatives.

COWM2018 brought together social scientists, surveyors, engineers, scientists, and other professionals from many countries involved in research and development activities in a wide range of technical and management topics related to citizen observatories and their impacts on society. It was a valuable opportunity to discover how to maximize the benefit of data emerging from citizen observatories.

If you would like to access the presentation (PPT), please send an email to

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