Expected outcomes

E2mC ambitions include both technological and service innovation targets, as outlined below:

AMBITION ELEMENT #1, to apply an integrated approach to Crowdsourcing and Social Media analysis, where direct reporting of citizens is integrated with social media monitoring. This is a very innovative element because it considers social media and crowdsourcing from different perspectives at the same time, and with an integrated approach, getting a maximum and innovative exploitation, for evolving Copernicus EMS, of these already diffused technologies. The following is a list of these main perspectives integrated in the E2mC:


  • Social media as an heterogeneous information source unconsciously contributed and that requires appropriate analysis tools for extracting value and relevant pieces of information;
  • Social media as a channel to let official volunteers / citizens contribute contents collected in field;
  • Crowdsourcing as Human Intelligence to enrich the informative content of social media analysis results;
  • Crowdsourcing as approach to labour intensive tasks (e.g. image tagging or elementary mapping tasks);
  • Crowdsourcing as additional resources from already formed communities and initiatives;
  • Crowdsourcing applied also to exploit the contribution of a very special crowd, which is the one constituted by the people affected by a natural/man made disaster, that can provide immediate information about the consequences of an event and which is the best motivated to contribute. 

AMBITION ELEMENT #2, demonstrate the validity of establishing Copernicus Witness, a new Copernicus EMS Service Component. This is a completely new and innovative concept which is ambitious in the sense that it reshapes the current Copernicus EMS service architecture as it aims not only at evolving a specific area of the Copernicus EMS, but that believes that such Social Media analysis and Crowdsourcing capabilities can express their best value if they are provided through a specific Service Component, well integrated into the Copernicus EMS framework

AMBITION ELEMENT #3, design the Social Crisis Map as a new Copernicus EMS product. This ambition element aims at adding a new product inside the service portfolio structure of the Copernicus EMS. The Social Crisis Map is the innovative concept that combines the output of social media analysis and crowdsourcing into an online map where such geosocialdata are represented over a base reference map, with a dynamic updates under a controlled and structured framework (the Copernicus EMS Product Portfolio).

AMBITION ELEMENT #4, establish a unique EU access point to filtered social media and crowdsourced data as an innovative European service platform (CROWD4EMS) oriented to support emergency responders in collecting coordinated and structured Volunteer Geographic Information (VGI) input from their qualified crowd of volunteers as well as, directly from citizens in a working and validated operational framework.

E2mC ambition will ultimately result in improved crisis/emergency management, because of better informed decisions. 

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