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4. September 2018
News and events

E2mC Workshop in Bled 11 December 2018

Are you interested to know more about the use of social media and crowdsourced data to improve disaster response? On 11 December 2018 in Bled, Slovenia, The E2mC consortium is organising a one-day workshop which will gather a wide variety of stakeholders including actors of the crisis management community at large, representatives from the EU space ecosystem as well as research organisations and industrials.

The event will show the progress and promising results of the E2mC project, namely featuring a technical presentation and demonstration of Copernicus WITNESS, the new component developed by the consortium. By leveraging user-generated data, Copernicus WITNESS has the potential to significantly improve the timeliness and accuracy of geospatial information products provided to civil protection authorities, ultimately resulting in an enhanced response to disasters.

The workshop will also feature the presentation of other related projects and initiatives such as I-REACT, SMURBs and VOST.

Participation to the workshop is free of charge. 

The workshop agenda is available here.

To register, click here.


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