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27. February 2018

E2mC presented @ Biccoca Expert Week in Milan

E2mC was presented today February 27th 2018 in Milan, Italy, at the occasion of the Biccoca Expert Week, taking place from Feburary 26th to March 2nd 2018. The presentation took place under the topic "analysis of data from social networks for emergency situations".

Bicocca Expert Week  is a week dedicated to the state of the art in  Data Science  and  Informatics  with the involvement of experts from the world of universities and companies. The presentations addressed many research topics and applications. Among the research topics were discussed the results in genomics, the recognition of images, the analysis of data from social networks for emergency situations, the methods for official statistics, neurosciences. With regards to  applications were discussed data journalism, spatial data, use of big data in transport networks and much more.

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