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21. November 2018

E2mC inspired course at Politecnico Di Milano

A course inspired by the research carried out as part of the E2mC project has been organized by Politecnico di Milano on  “The role of social media in emergency rapid mapping”, with the participation of University of Geneva. The course will take place in the course of three days, each day focusing on a specific aspect:

Day 1 – 13/11/2018 Social media and rapid mapping
Barbara Pernici, Amudha Ravi Shankar  (University of Geneva)

Day 2 - 27/11/2018 Geoparsing
Barbara Pernici, Gabriele Scalia

Day 3 - 5/12/2018 - Crowdsourcing
Barbara Pernici, Maria Brovelli, Amudha Ravi Shankar (University of Geneva), Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez (UniGe)

A total of 70 students from bachelor, Master’s, and PhD levels are attending the course. Activities in the course will also include practical experience with the E2mC Witness and Crowd4EMS tools, and post annotation and development activities focused on crowdsourcing and geographical information management.

If you are interested about this course and other instructional material related to E2mC, please contact Prof Barbara Pernici at


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