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16. April 2018

E2mC @ GIS for Good Conference in Geneva

E2mC was presented at the "GIS For Good: From Global to Local" Conference on April 11th 2018 in Geneva. The event addressed how the digitation of geography, through SIG especially, has been a revolution for environmental management at all scale. 

In the course of a session titled Crisis Informatics : Damage assessment during a disaster using crowdsourced social media imagery data, Ms Amudha Ravi Shankar (University of Geneva and E2mC Partner) presented the E2mC project.

Presentation abstract

Situational updates in varied forms, such as texts, images, data etc, are uploaded in various micro blogging networks like twitter, facebook and instagram. This information has been proven to be very useful for rapid crisis response and management. Faster access to such location specific data through social media network can create avenues to address the pressing issues. In this work, the author analyzes the images posted on the social media platforms during the Chennai Rains 2017 to determine the level of damage caused by the North East Monsoon. While also citing the various examples on damage assessment using crowd sourced data, the author would touch upon the challenging task that lies ahead of the such crowd sourced information : Data Quality and Data Validation. A brief presentation on : Evolution of Emergency Copernicus Services (E2MC).





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